Ken thomas

Ken Thomas is a Principal and co-owner of K&K Worldwide Media. With over thirty years in the ministry and media, Ken has a consultant’s knowledge that customers find invaluable. He will assist you with your media needs including television and radio placement, print ads, streaming media and media consulting. When Ken is not working, he spends his time perfecting his hobby of photography. He also loves gardening at his home that overlooks the beautiful Lynchburg area.


In Kens spare time he wrote a book, The Floater, which can be found :



Barnes and Noble

Kena campbell

Kena Campbell is a Principal and co-owner of K&K Worldwide Media. She brings over twenty-five years of professional and business expertise along with a passion for the Lord that goes back to her youth. In her current role since the inception of K&K in 2009; she is responsible for business relations including executive account management, business development and media consulting. She oversees the day-to-day operations and serves as the primary business partner, creating and aligning solution strategies that foster on-going success and growth.

In Kena’s free time, she enjoys spending quality time with her family dog, Boo. Like Ken, she has also taken up photography and is looking forward to building a beautiful portfolio



A graduate of Liberty University, Libby serves as the Director of Business Development. In her role, she wears multiple hats ranging from marketing and administrative support to new and existing customers of K&K. She also consults on social media solutions and event planning, both for the K&K team and customers. Libby is a health and exercise enthusiast who trains willing participants in her spare time.