Time is a funny thing.

So why is it, that so much of our life is spent in the distracted everyday things that won’t matter from one minute to the next?

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While in hiding, the Eagle will pluck out its old feathers until it is completely bare. Next, it will knock its own beak off by banging it against a rock.  The Eagle then waits until a new beak and set of feathers grow.

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Reaching the Lost

Like you, it is our desire at K&K Worldwide Media, to reach the lost in a world where many want to either want to destroy or kill us. However, there are many out there that are open to the gospel as well as some who will eventually come to realize that they need the Jesus that today they hate.

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Fire in the Darkness

Imagine you are sitting in a dark room. You can’t see anything except for a small flame right in the middle of the room. The flame is barely seen; it could be mistaken for an ember. You want to be able to see what is around you, you want to feel the warmth of the flame. How do you go about this?

Simple: You fuel it.

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Paralyzing Fears

Do your fears paralyze you?

Recently, I was riding in the passanger seat of my husband, Ashton’s, truck. I saw a spider on the dash board and I did the only logical thing, curl up in a tiny ball in my seat and freeze. Ashton said, “Just get the shoe and kill it.” By the time I got the shoe I could not find the spider anywhere so I climbed in the back seat. It was then that Ashton made a very good point.

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Make Me a Blessing

Let me first take this time to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, for it is truly a time of giving thanks to our Heavenly Father and the giver of all things!

I remember as a boy loving it when we would have Hymn singings or as some would say in our north Georgia town of Rome, GA “having a sangin’ ” My favorite song out of the old Broadman Hymnal was Hymn # 100 which was Make Me a Blessing

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Do You Put Limitations on Yourself? On God?

Do you put limitations on yourself?

Are you looking for a new job, battling addiction, studying for a big exam? Have you recently lost a loved one?  Maybe you have a big goal you would like to set for yourself.Whatever your mountain may be, do you have doubts? Have you counted yourself out because you know there is no way you can accomplish that big goal or break free from the addiction, find joy after losing a loved one? Guess what, you may be right. You can’t do it, but guess who can – YOUR God.

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