Fire in the Darkness

Imagine you are sitting in a dark room. You can’t see anything except for a small flame right in the middle of the room. The flame is barely seen; it could be mistaken for an ember. You want to be able to see what is around you, you want to feel the warmth of the flame. How do you go about this?

Simple: You fuel it.

You don’t attempt to push the surrounding darkness away. You don’t swat at the darkness to get it away from the flickering flame. By doing this, you simply exhaust yourself and the flame you desperately try to preserve will die out. You save this flame by fueling it; there is no other way.

How do you fuel the flame? There is not a thing you can throw into the fire that will make it burn forever. Tending to this flame will be a daily task. Constant fuel will need to be added to keep this flame going, to grow it in strength.

As the flame grows you are increasingly able to see the room and the beauty of it surrounding you. The flame is now strong enough to give you warmth and comfort even though it has taken sacrifice and time to fuel it to this point.

Before you know it, another person, cold and pale, comes into your room asking about your flame. You give them a torch of it and they leave with hope, knowing they have a source of warmth and guidance in the dark now. They take it home and start to fuel it themselves.

How can we apply this to our life? We all have our rooms where there is light and darkness. Our flame was given to us when we first heard the gospel and accepted Jesus as our savior. However, when this flame was started, it was all but a little flicker. Not enough to get rid of the darkness or provide lasting warmth.

At this point you may be thinking, “Ok I need to fuel my fire, give up strongholds in my life, spend more time in the word.” Yes this is what we need to do but I believe many people don’t. Many people do the alternative.

DON’T MISS THIS >>>>> many of us, with our flame, try to push the darkness away.

We focus on the problems in our life instead of the solution already given to us. As much as you try to you will never be able to push the darkness away, only light can do that. Instead of focusing on your imperfections, addictions, past failures, focus on fueling your flame.

Focus on fueling your relationship with God. If you are trying to break an addiction, get into the word more. If you seem to be in a dry season in your walk with The Lord, throw the prideful stronghold into the fire and turn it into fuel.

Fuel your fire to the point others see it. Be known for the good you do, not the evil you don’t do.

Instead of pushing the darkness away, grow your flame.

Ashton Pettitt