Oscars Prove TV is Still the Way To Go

On a Sunday night in Lynchburg, VA as we at K&K are preparing for yet more snow, we churned through the channels just before bed to see what might jump out at us and low and behold, the Oscars was on ABC. Now, we are far from Oscar fans but the sheer preparation that goes into a production like this is nothing short of amazing. So much goes into an event like this from the timing of the acts, the bling of the stage, the stars in the audience to how it will be broadcast to the masses. Interestingly enough, the internet and all its talk about the way of the future was no match on this night for what television brought and continues to bring. Click on this link for a more: http://qz.com/183073/internet-tv-was-the-big-loser-on-oscar-night/

At K&K, we feel the same way. Yes, the internet has added many more options for ministries and the like to Advance the Kingdom however it is still TV that prevails when getting the word out. While our customers may not have a production as grand as the Oscars, we treat it that way and can wholeheartedly say that TV is still number one and will be for some time.

Looking forward to helping you Advance the Kingdom through media in 2014! God Bless you all!

The Team at K&K

LaShonda Delivuk