Reaching the Lost

Dear Pastors,

Like you, it is our desire at K&K Worldwide Media, to reach the lost in a world where many want to either want to destroy or kill us. However, there are many out there that are open to the gospel as well as some who will eventually come to realize that they need the Jesus that today they hate. One of my best friends, a former Muslim from Ghana and now a client, Addison Adamu, is one of those who once thought that all Christians were infidels. It only took someone to plant a seed in his heart that set his path to not only receive Jesus Christ as Savior but to become one of Christendom’s most gifted Evangelist. Thousands now have come to Christ through his preaching and gifts of healing and miracles. His ministry began literally days after he came to know Christ. His father, who was Muslim and lying on his deathbed, was healed instantly when Evangelist Addison prayed for him in the name that most everyone in that room would have beaten him for even speaking. The wonderful name of Jesus! Addison ignored the fear of what his Muslim family and friends might say or even do to him.

Addison came to me when he was in Bible School in Charlotte asking me about television. The Lord had given him visions of what he would accomplish in his Church, his crusades and television. At first I thought that he was way out in left field for what he wanted to do. I had forgotten that when the Lord tells you to do something that He will make sure that it is done and done BIG! Addison started out small but today has a large church in the Atlanta area, does Crusades all over the US and the world and airs on many US and International stations and Networks. His program, Healing Miracles, has changed the lives of so many including other Muslims who have now come to know Jesus as Savior. People call his ministry daily from all over the world and are saved, healed of so many diseases and are delivered from demonic strongholds. 

The reason I tell you this is because many of you have a similar vision. Many of you preach weekly in your church and even on local TV and yet something is missing. The thing that is missing is the MISSION that God put in your heart at some time in your life. That which you know in your heart that God wants you to do but you have been either afraid or unwilling to do it. Maybe you think the problem is finances. Do you actually think that God cannot provide the money for you to do what He has called you to do? He owns the cattle on a thousand hills.  Evangelist Addison Adamu came over here with nothing but he answered the call and God has blessed him.

Jesus said “You shall be my witnesses in Jerusalem (your local area), Judea (your regional area), Samaria (to the unlovely) and the uttermost parts of the world. You have been witnessing and preaching in your own Jerusalem or local area and God is now saying to reach out into Judea, the entire US and the world. If God has told you to do something then He will provide the means to do it. Maybe you have been airing locally. Believe it or not you can go national and International for almost the same cost as your local times. Some national Networks like Word are also international. An overnight time on the East Coast would be almost prime time on the West coast. You would be paying for overnight but get prime time somewhere in the World. Those times are fairly low.   Ask the Lord what He would have you do. If you need to start in Jerusalem (locally) we can help you. If you ready for Judea (regional) we can help you. If you want to go into Samaria (reach the unlovely) we can help you. If your vision includes the entire World, we can help you.

With God, nothing is impossible.


Ken Thomas


Libby Campbell