Choose This Fight

The road to freedom is a battle.

Should you “choose” to walk this road, you will fight.  You will fight to follow.  You will fight for freedom.  You will fight every day.

You will be wounded but He will heal.  You will grow weary but He will strengthen.  You will fall but He will pick you up.  You will have scars but you will smile when you look at them, they are victory scars.

Few “choose” this road because it is a difficult one to walk.  You fight every day on this road and the battle is intense.

The enemy will be relentless at trying to stop you.  You “choose” every day not to give up. You “choose” every day to have hope.

You cannot take this road trying to be someone else.  You must be yourself. It is the only way you will have victory.  By RESTING in WHO YOU ARE.

If you “choose” to walk this road you must be 100% committed, it is the only way you will have victory.

Go boldly when you choose this road. Choose to be “Fearless” on the road to “Freedom"

Written by: Kena Campbell

Libby Campbell