Do I need an
answering service?

This will depend on the size of the church, the response from listeners, financial capabilities, and available volunteers to name a few. We will help you further understand this and put a strategy in play.

How long should the program be due to station breaks?

If the slot is 30 minutes, the actual program will be 28:30. If the slot is 1 hour, the program will be 58:30.

How many homes does the network reach?

This will be different for each network however, National reach can be up to 115 million depending on the network.

Do we need to be closed captioned?

Yes, it is required by the FCC to be closed captioned. You can do this on your own or contract it out. We have contacts for this if needed.

how much time is allowed for asking for donations?

Most networks will allow 5-6 minutes for sales, announcements, donations, etc.

Does K&K deal with the networks or do we?

We make this process as easy as possible for your ministry so that you can focus on your calling, getting the gospel out there. That being said, we are the middle man between the ministry and the network. You can come to us with any questions you have.