Interested in getting your ministry on television?

K&K Worldwide Media works with all major Christian and secular networks
around the globe to bring Christ centered programming to the world.

K & K Worldwide Media adheres to a proven successful approach with all of our clients customized to fit each ministry specifically



An introductory meeting is held to identify client needs and K&K service offerings.

Our team of analysts will analyze and evaluate market data in conjunction with client needs and formulate recommendations according to the ministry’s goals and mission.

A follow-up meeting with the client is conducted to review recommendations and determine the appropriate media solution.


K&K employs a quality assurance program that includes production, evaluation, monitoring, and timely airing.

When and if we agree that the response is not sufficient to stay on a particular network,

we will determine the cause where be it the wrong demographic, time of airing or if the network itself does not fit the ministry’s goals and mission.


K&K Worldwide Media works with all major Christian and secular networks around the globe. 

Our unique and personal relationship with all the major networks gives us leverage to find you unparalleled rates and times.

We can place your program on any local Christian or secular station in any city domestically at the lowest competitive rates. 

K&K enjoys a strong negotiating and purchasing position through volume procurement practices.


K&K streamlines the accounting process so that all you worry about is one invoice and easily reconcilable information – making your accounting team happy.

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