online marketing


social media management

As your Social Media Manager we will monitor, gather, and create relevant and consistent content to post to your social media pages. These posts are on a strategic schedule depending on the algorithms and unique demographics of your followers. Your posts will portray the vision, mission, and personality of your company. We will genuinely engage with your audience and strengthening the relationship. We will share your content to other relevant pages as well as share relevant content to your page from other pages.

Email Marketing

We will connect your website and or social media platforms to your email list therefore increasing your email list with strategic forms, lead pages, downloads, and other relevant content to help your potential customers “buy-in” to your company and vision of. We will create relevant email sequences and email broadcasts to specific subscribers depending on their tags  to nurture the relationship, create leads, and ultimately convert into sales.

influencer marketing

Social Media Influencers and bloggers have become an essential part of marketing and creating brand awareness. We have connections to thousands of influencers and bloggers in different niches and will get your product or service in the hands of the right influencer to test out and share with their audience of 1k-100k followers interested in their niche. 

blogging and content creation

Blogging the right way connects you to your audience in a personal way, allowing them to create a relationship with your business or company. There is also a strategic process behind blogging to funnel readers into your email list thus becoming potential customers.