Our simple mission and purpose is to make Jesus centered disciples. We have been blessed with opportunity after opportunity to help our partners, i.e., our friends advance the kingdom through media. We do this by off-3.png

We connect ministries and networks across the globe to partner

in advancing the kingdom through media.

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Reaching The Lost

Dear Pastors,

Like you, it is our desire at K&K Worldwide Media, to reach the lost in a world where many want to either want to destroy or kill us. However, there are many out there that are open to the gospel as well as some who will eventually come to realize that they need the Jesus that today they hate.

One of my best friends, a former Muslim from Ghana and now a client, Addison Adamu, is one of those who once thought that all Christians were infidels. It only took someone to plant a seed in his heart that set his path to not only receive Jesus Christ as Savior but to become one of Christendom’s most gifted Evangelist.

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our 3 step approACH

  1. Media Consulting and Media Planning

  2. Media Buying

  3. Centralized accounting



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Meet the Leadership

Not only are we your partners in ministry, we are your brothers and sisters in Christ, get to know us!

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